Come, relax and enjoy the ride!

I am excited to open my own cycling studio, Sol Pedal. To be doing what I love and have loved for the past 6 years is a blessing. Many of you have ridden many miles with me, so come back and lets travel together. Time flies as we cycle to an eclectic mix of music. I created the studio to be funky and fun, a place where you feel surrounded by happy, healthy energy.

So join the Ride. Its the only hour of your day that you can completely get away. We sweat, sing along, push each other and have a blast. Sure it's exercise, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun! After all, life is what you make it!

Saturday, December 31

The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness. Arthur Schopenhauer

Friday, December 30

Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning.
Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, December 29

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

Wednesday, December 28

Schedule for the remainder of 2011...

Wednesday 8:00am and 6:15pm
Thursday 9:15am ONLY. No 5:30 this week
Friday 9:15am
Saturday New Year's Eve 9am; 90 minute intensive
Sunday 9:00am

Tuesday, December 27

Do you remember the things you were worrying about a year ago? How did they work out? Didn't you waste a lot of fruitless energy on account of most of them? Didn't most of them turn out all right after all? ~ Dale Carnegie

Monday, December 19

Holiday schedule:

Monday 8:00, 9:15 and 6:15
Tuesday 9:15, 10:15 Trim and 5:30
Wednesday 8:00 and 6:15
Thursday 9:15, 10:15 and 5:30
Friday 9:15
No classes this weekend - Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 18

Saturday, December 17

Friday, December 16

Thursday, December 15

Wednesday, December 14

Tuesday, December 13

Monday, December 12

8 Healthy Ways to Deal with Holiday Stress Jigsaw Health:

8. Take time for yourself. Taking care of yourself helps you to take better care of others in your life. Go for a long walk or take time out to read or listen to your favorite music. By slowing down you will actually have more energy to accomplish your goals.

Sol Pedal, Sol Pedal, Sol Pedal, Sol Pedal, Sol Pedal, Sol Pedal, Sol Pedal, Sol Pedal

Sunday, December 11

8 Healthy Ways to Deal with Holiday Stress Jigsaw Health:

7. Make it real. Even though Hollywood and Madison Avenue might wish it to be so, Christmas is not about creating the perfect family holiday. It’s about enjoying what’s here and now. Keep expectations real, and don’t try to solve long-simmering issues at the family dinner. Allow your gathering to have its own life—whatever that may be

Saturday, December 10

8 Healthy Ways to Deal with Holiday Stress Jigsaw Health:

6. Get the attitude of gratitude. Make a list of everything you’re grateful for and add to it every day. It doesn’t have to be big, just meaningful. Holding a puppy, seeing a stellar sunset, giving someone a hand, keeping your sanity — just be thankful for the opportunity to live!

Friday, December 9

8 Healthy Ways to Deal with Holiday Stress Jigsaw Health:

5. Give unto others. Smile at a stranger, donate food and clothing, help at the homeless shelter, wrap presents for children who would otherwise have none. Take the focus off yourself and put the spotlight on someone else. Caring for another bonds you to humanity in a way like no other—and keeps your feet on the ground

Thursday, December 8

8 Healthy Ways to Deal with Holiday Stress Jigsaw Health:

4. Rein in the shopping. Instead of searching out the latest gadget or this year’s “must have" toy…stop: you don’t have to add to the national debt or indulge everyone’s whim. Limit your gift-giving to an important few. Stay home and shop on the Internet. Or shop locally at the least busy times. Better yet, give the gift that everyone treasures: time. Plan a family vacation, treat friends to dinner, take a little one to a favorite museum. Memories are not found in things, but in the time you spend with those you care about most.

Wednesday, December 7

Sol Pedal

3. Exercise for your sanity's sake. When the stress seems overwhelming, take an exercise break. Just 30 minutes a day — a brisk walk, a run on the treadmill, or strength training — gives you a powerful tool to fend off stress. Exercise not only helps you manage weight and is good for your body, but it can help you de-stress and clear your mind. And with a clear mind, you can make better decisions about what’s good for you this holiday season. Amen!

Tuesday, December 6

8 Healthy Ways to Deal with Holiday Stress Jigsaw Health:

2. Eat, drink, and be merry — within reason. The holidays are meant for celebration, not overindulgence. Use our holiday eating guide to make wise — and healthy — choices. Having some Digestive Enzymes handy could also be helpful to prevent indigestion from too many rich foods.

Classes at Sol Pedal help too...

Monday, December 5

8 Healthy Ways to Deal with Holiday Stress Jigsaw Health:

1. See stress for what it is. Stress happens. Life happens. Viewing normal life events as uncontrollable, personal attacks “wires" you to produce more and more cortisol, drive up your blood pressure, and jeopardize your health. But seeing normal life events as — well, normal — enables your body to "come down" from stressful situations more quickly and stop the vicious stress cycle before it gets out of control

Friday, December 2

Happiness is made to be shared. ~ Unknown

Thursday, December 1

One reason experience is such a good teacher is that there are no drop outs. ~ Unknown

HOLIDAY SAVINGS!!! December, January, and February for only $100. Also, December evening classes 1/2 off (5:30 and 6:15 only). Save money...stay in shape!

Wednesday, November 30

Courage is a priceless ingredient of character. ~ J. Edgar Hoover

Tuesday, November 29

Within yourself lies the cause of whatever enters into your life. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, November 28

A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval. Mark Twain

Friday, November 25

WILD TURKEY Ride today 9am to 11am

Burn baby burn!

Thursday, November 24

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for all who have ever been on a bike at Sol Pedal...

friends, family, locals, visitors, instructors, music - without you, it's just a room full of bikes!

Wednesday, November 23


Today 8am class ONLY!


Friday Wild Turkey Ride 9am - 11am

Tuesday, November 22

I am THANKFUL for good HEALTH!!

Tuesday 6am, 9:15, 10:15 trimming and 5:30
Wednesday 8am only
Friday Wild Turkey 2 hour Ride 9am - 11am
Saturday 8am
Sunday 9am

Monday, November 21

I am Thankful for YOU!!

This week's schedule:
Monday 8:00, 9:15, 3:45, and 6:15
Tuesday 9:15, 10:15 trimming, 5:30
Wednesday 8:00 NO other classes today
Friday Wild Turkey Ride 9am - 11am (2 bikes available, sign up on table)
Saturday 8am
Sunday 9am

Friday, November 18

from If Everything were Done and all our Bills were Paid by Charles Kingsley

If every sky were fair and everything we tried Succeeded; if despair Came never to our side;

Were every burden light, Pray tell me, if you can, If everything were right, What would proclaim the man?

Final passage tomorrow.....

Thursday, November 17

from If Everything Were Done and all our Bills Were Paid by Charles Kingsley

If all our bills were paid And all our cares were done; If every path were made And every struggle won; If every wish came true And every heart were gay, Whatever would we do To pass the time away?

More to follow tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 16

Ideals are like stars. You will never succeed in touching them with your hands; but, like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guide, and following them, reach your destination. ~ Carl Schurz

Tuesday, November 15

Happiness and love are flowers so delicate that constant care is necessary to keep them intact. ~ Mme. Ancelot

Monday, November 14

Make big plans. ~ Daniel Burnham 1846-1892

Saturday, November 12

Laughter is real medicine. It has optimistic vitamins in it. It revived like oxygen. It restores failing morale. Enjoy the "cleansing power of laughter." ~ Gelett Burgess

Nature, time and patience are the three great physicians.

Enjoy the January temperatures, exercise inside. Classes day and night!

Friday, November 11

Salute the ones who've died, the ones who give their lives so we

don't have to sacrifice all the things we love! ~ Zac Brown Brown
THANK YOU to all who have served and do serve!

Tuesday, November 8

12 Days of Trimming

Don't pack on any extra pounds this Holiday season!
We tend to eat a little more, drink a little more, stay up late a little more
during the next couple weeks.
So...we may need to exercise a little more.

Join us Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:15 for a 30 minute toning and sculpting class.
We will work all the major muscle groups using
light weights in a variety of movements and combinations.
Come to 9:15 cycling class and stay after for the icing on the cake...


As the days get busier and everyone needs a little more from us,

take 30 minutes for yourself at 10:15.

$5 per session or $50 for all 12 sessions.
Begins Thursday, November 10th.
(every Tuesday and Thursday until Christmas except for Thanksgiving Day)

Monday, November 7

The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money. ~ Unknown

Sunday, November 6

Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck. ~ Dalia Lama

Saturday, November 5

Every time we let go, we make room for something else. All is never lost. ~ Lori Deschene

Friday, November 4

If you get up one more time than you fall, you will make it through. ~ Chinese proverb

Thursday, November 3

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

Wednesday, November 2

Negativity bias - the phenomenon by which we give more weight to negative experiences than positive ones.

"The brain is like Velcro to negative experiences and Teflon to positive ones." ~ Rich Hanson, neuropsycologist.

Tuesday, November 1

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are. ~ Marianne Williamson

Sunday, October 30

New MONDAY class 8:00AM and 9:15am!!!!!

Happy Halloween...and thus starts the HOLIDAY shuffle. Soon it will be Thanksgiving and on to Christmas. Stay committed to fitness and yourself during the Holidays!

Reminder of classes offered each week:

Monday 8:00am, 9:15am, 3:45pm and 6:15pm

Tuesday 6:00am, 9:15am and 5:30pm

Wednesday 8:00am, 3:45pm and 6:15pm

Thursday 9:15am and 5:30pm

Friday 6:00am, 9:15am and 3:45pm

Saturday 8:00am

Sunday 9:00am

Whether the weather be fine, Whether the weather be not, Whether the weather be cold, Whether the weather be hot, We'll weather the weather, Whatever the whether, Whether we like it or not.

Saturday, October 29

Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing. ~ Vince Lombardi

May your team win today!

UGA vs. FL

Friday, October 28

If mother nature didn't like curves, she would've made the world flat. ~ Levi's ad

Thursday, October 27

Healthy Halloween Treats - Low Calorie Halloween Candy - 3 Musketeers Minis
(24 calories, less than 1g fat)
You'll save calories if you go for chocolates with light and airy insides instead of denser fillings.

Butterfinger Minis
(45 calories, 2g fat)
Mindlessly down a few of these and you might as well have eaten a whole bar. Whoops!photo credit: Greg Marino/Studio D